Office Products

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Workstations brand of choice of quality office products. Every day millions of people use office products to help them with their daily needs to get their jobs done in a fast and efficient way. From office papers over filing, writing and presentation products to desktop accessories and cleaning products, you will find all what you are looking for in our range.

Combines quality products with attractive prices.

Workstation stocks more than 14,000 core product lines from over 200 suppliers, giving Resellers the ability to sell a huge range of office essentials and offer their customers more choice than ever before. Not only do Workstation offer the most popular brands, but also offer our own alternative brand, Q Connect, that matches the big brand names in quality at very competitive prices.

Recycled paper for modern office work

Around 80 percent of post-consumer paper is recycled.

A good collector should also be committed to use products made from recycled paper in everyday office work - many customers, business partners and staff members appreciate such environmental commitment.

The use of envelopes, padded envelopes, copying, writing and graphic papers as well as many other products made from waste paper instead of virgin fibres helps to reduce climate gas emissions caused by paper manufacture, water consumption and wastewater contamination.

Workstation offers a wide selection of paper products ranging from basic grades of copier paper through to premium quality inkjet and laser papers, also including an extensive range of envelopes, business cards, listing paper, coloured card, digital printing papers and speciality inkjet and photo papers.

Workstation has formed close relationships with several mills and the larger merchants to bring our Resellers a range of popular products and brands at the most competitive prices.